I have been blessed with this exciting gift from God, an
understanding of computers, and how software works.
It's been several years since that first encounter with a computer. I have since read
and studied the A+ certification for computers, have worked with my partner, who
builds new custom systems for sale, for the past 8 years, and are currently carrying
on together in the same operation we started those years past. He builds, I teach.
While I was recovering from an injury that cost me my career in driving, God blessed
with this uncanny awareness of computer science. I enrolled into some computer
courses, and began my studies. Some 5 courses later, I emerged with a sound
knowledge base in computer sciences, and had discovered that God didn't stop there.

He also blessed my with a knack for understanding and being able to grasp how
software programs work. That coupled with my joy of the LORD, makes my teaching
capabilities a very interesting phenomenon.
I can by accreditation charge a going rate of $65.00 per hour for classes and training
sessions, but am compelled to only ask $35.00 per hour. I feel this price is
reasonable, for the personal service you receive at your own home on your own
computer. Many training sessions are given in classroom settings using the
schools computers and programs, and then when you get home, what you just
learned doesn't work - because you don't have that program on your computer. The
training I do, is on your computer, with the programs that you have.
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