He's so funny, he puts me at ease so that I can apply
his simple approach. I am now enjoying my computer so
much more, now that I'm not afraid of it.
Classical, he's so crazy, you can't help but to be at ease. With your concern
about what you may do to the computer eased, Don can then use his sense
of humor to make learning about my computer alot easier and fun. I can
check my email now, write stories, make pictures, surf the internet!
Don was such a wonderful help to me. At first, I didn't quite
understand exactly what he was doing, but now I see, he was just
doing these zany things to get me to relax. Now, I'm a lot less timid, no
expert by anyone's degree, but at least I can work my computer.
Thanks Don. L.Lallo
Don thank you for taking the time to show me how to not fear
my computer, and for showing me all those wonderful tips.
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