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Pastor Mike Travis
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San Diego, CA 92114

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Square 1 Ministries
Ministering to the youth
Mentoring to the youth, from 'square one',
one step at a time
For He chose us in him before the
creation of the world to be holy and
blameless in His sight. In love He
predestined us to be adopted as
his sons through Jesus Christ, in
accordance with His pleasure and
will -- to the praise of His glorious
grace, which He has freely given
us in the One He loves.
In Him we have
through His blood, the
of sins
, in accordance with the
riches of God's grace that He
lavished on us with all wisdom and
Eph 1:4-8
God ordered and ordained this ministry
into existance. Square One Ministries is
a ministry to the youth. Pastor Mike,
after serving several years as Pastor in
a prison setting, was drawn by God to
develop and start this ministry to the
Pastor Mike ran with God's idea, "What
can stem the tide of youthful offenders
of the law?"
Square One Ministries was the answer,
to invoke an effect, there has to be a
change somewhere along the line of
progression. We have to start at 'square
one' to be an affect to stem the tide. To
be at 'square one' means to be at the
beginning, before our youths get
involved with the law.
Pastor Mike's experience with the prison
inmates proved this is vital for there to
be any effect. With a heart for the
young, Pastor Mike initiated a program
for mentoring to the youth, to promote
a building of character, integrity, and
spiritual awareness of God in each of the
youths that go through the program.
Why a square?
It consist of four
To work on the whole,
you need to work on
each one